Athens for Relaxation

Athens for Relaxation

And in this area, Athens, as a crossroad of the nonchalant East and the energetic West, could not fall short - offering its visitors soothing proposals in welcoming spaces that promise high levels of self-care.

Where we have numerous listings of spas, beaches, and other places for relaxation in Athens on Athens24, here we have some preferred suggestions that might make this a destination for your touristic needs. Moreover, Athens is not the greenest city in the world, but a change in the climate is in the air. Its hidden verdant niches are revealed, while architects and bloggers participating in the city's think-tank guarantee a promising, greener more relaxing future.

The first less known fact about the city is that Athens has a collection of Hammams that are the perfect place to melt away a few hours on a cold winter day. The "Hammam Baths" in central Athens are a great option as they are stylish and secluded and offer an authentic experience. Guests can pick from a variety of therapies, from conventional steam baths to soothing massages applying fine essentials oils. There is also a cafe where you can enjoy a piping glass of mint tea.

The Homeric hero Filokritis was the first person in history to receive rehabilitation therapy from Apollo and Asclepius following an operation in Lemnos, where he was bitten by a snake and therefore unable to accompany his comrades on their expedition to Troy. Modern-day "Filoktitis" is a state-of-the-art Recovery and Rehabilitation Center in Greece operation since 2007, just a few kilometers from Athens International Airport. It is the finest institute of its kind in Greece and one of the most advanced in the world as if follows the exact same protocols as other famous centers throughout Europe. Those who want to heal in Greece should visit the impressive facility nestled at the foot of Mount Ymmitos in a verdant expanse of 75 hectares between Paiania and Koropi.

Considered a geological phenomenon, Vouliagmenis Lake offers a one of a kind experience gifted to Athenians by nature. It's a natural pool full of prehistoric minerals in 70% fresh / 30% salt waters. The lake's underground thermal springs guarantee that the water rests at a constantly pleasantly warm temperature. Note that there are numerous "Doctor fish" nesting on the shore of the lake and they came to eat your dead skin only if stay very still! Even more enthralling is the lake's underwater cave labyrinth, which has been explored down to 3,123 meters deep. The end of the cave, however, remains unknown to this day.

Ultimately, it has been noticed that the axis of Athens particularly blends with the colors of the sky and gives us unbelievable sunset views on a daily basis. Choose any elevated position in the city or by the beach to take a postcard-perfect picture of this natural spectacle and 100% feel the anxiety leave your body.


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