Greek Orthodox Weddings in Greece

Greek Orthodox Weddings in Greece

Many do not know that the Orthodox religion forbids weddings and Christenings to take place on certain days, so keep that in mind when searching for an available date.

The following Documents are required for the Orthodox Wedding:

  • Certificate of celibacy by the parish of residence of the intending spouses. For the issuance of this certificate the presence of two adult witnesses (with their ID cards) is needed.
  • Publication of the wedding announcement in a daily newspaper with full details of the pair (2 newspapers, 1 for each). The time of the publication of the announcement time will be 15 days before the wedding date. This will be prompted by the parish to proceed with the procedures of issuing the marriage licenses. The cost is € 25,00.

Legal Requirements for a Religious Wedding:

  • The intended spouses have reached 18 years of age. No marriage is permitted under the age of 14. From 14 to 18, the written consent of parents/guardians is needed.
  • In case of previous marriage, there must be a divorce.
  • In the event of widowhood, 1 year must have passed since a person became a widower.
  • In case of a disappearance, 4 years.
  • In the case of marriage between Christian Orthodox and Catholic or Protestant, and the couple wants to celebrate 2 sacraments, the liturgy in the Orthodox Church must be the last to be performed. This happens because the Orthodox Church does not recognize the wedding which took place in the Catholic or Protestant Church. (If the opposite was true then there would be a bigamy problem).
  • Each wedding (religious or civil) should necessarily be registered at the Registry Office in the area where it is performed. The marriage is declared by 1 of the 2 spouses or a third person to whom you will issue a special notarial proxy. The declaration must be made within 40 days from the date of marriage.

Dates that weddings and baptisms are not conducted in the Church:

  • September 14th (Exaltation of the Holy Cross)
  • From 18th to 25th December (Christmas Fasting)
  • January 5th (Epiphany Eve)
  • January 6th (Epiphany Day)
  • Lent (Ash Monday to Holy Saturday)
  • Saturdays of the Souls (If they fall in the Lent season.
  • Day of The Holy Spirit
  • Twelve Apostles Day (from Sunday of All Saints to the Eve of the feast)
  • From August 1st to 15th (Assumption Fasting)
  • August 29th (Beheading of St. John the Baptist)

Please note:

  • One Church may prohibit a wedding or a baptism if the date coincides with the date of celebrating that specific temple.
  • If there is good reason to hold the mystery of marriage during any of the above dates, permission must be asked from the Bishop.

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