Wedding Vows Renewal in Greece

Wedding Vows Renewal in Greece

Couples exchange vow renewals usually when they want to officially celebrate their wedding anniversaries of 5, 10, 25, 50 or more years of marriage. This is a symbolic act of love and commitment to the couple’s relationship. This simple ceremony does not necessarily require the presence of a public officer.

However, if you want to legalize this, it can be performed in front of a judge, a lawyer, an employee of the municipality, or a close friend. It is very romantic to have such a commemoration in Greece – at an enchanting spot overlooking the Acropolis or the romantic scenery Cape Sounio, in a beautiful square or at a beach on an island, for example. It is a unique opportunity for children and family members to attend, especially for those who were not present at the original event.

Based on individual needs, one can hire a special adviser or seek the help of a loved one to plan everything down to the last detail. It is only up to the couple to either have a formal ceremony or a simple one with just a few friends and relatives. Remember that there is no need to spend a fortune. The renewal of vows can even be done in the garden of a house in a wide variety of gorgeous areas in the country. All you need for an unforgettable moment is a rich fantasy with high spirits and good organization.


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Wedding Vows Renewal in Greece
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