Traditional Greek Desserts

Traditional Greek Desserts

Hellenic patisseries, delicacies, custard-filled pastries, and donuts will carry away the lovers of sweets while, particularly during the especially long summertime, Deliolannis and the other ice cream shops will quench your cravings in no time.

The patisseries in Greece are like mushrooms. They spring up everywhere, in every street, every neighborhood, and even though the Greeks don't realize it, the number of the patisseries is excessive compared to the population. The secret lies in the Greek tradition and the important role of sweets. The attitude of the Greeks does not allow a visit with empty hands, and this is why everyone has to buy sweets when paying a visit. Sweets for the treats, sweets for the birthdays, sweets for the name days. Especially in this last case, it is a custom to treat the people you are working with, the family members, and all your friends and acquaintances.

The sweet varieties in the patisseries of Athens consist of anything you may think of. The most delicious dainties are however the traditional Greek sweets: baklava and a custard-filled pastry.

Thin pastry layers filled with milk cream.

Thin pastry layers filled with hazelnut or peanut.

A confection made from starch and sugar.

They look like small donuts but they drizzle in honey and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Spoon Sweets
They are boiled fruits covered in syrup.

Greek Yogurt
Creamy whipped with honey and walnuts


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