What you can do in 36 hours in Athens?

What you can do in 36 hours in Athens?

There are many places close to the city center that one can and should visit but take into account the traffic or the lack of fast public transportation to places out of the historical center. Your precious spare time can be limited down to two amazing options / proposals. It all depends in the end on the individual's preference.

Athens is world-renounced for its rich history as the capital of democracy and the cradle of western philosophy and architecture. One can just walk around the historical center and see ancient relics and monuments scattered all around. But if all the relics are inadequate for the educational / cultural part of the trip, and you are a fan of ancient Greece, then there is another place one simply has to visit. A unique place that inside keeps safe most of the artifacts and statues of the Acropolis as well as many other ancient relics, with an emphasis on 5th B.C.

The Acropolis Museum is located just outside the metro station of the Acropolis metro station. This stunning modern museum at the base of the Acropolis Hill opened its doors to the public in 2009 and the collection covers the Mycenaean, Archaic and Roman periods, as well as the Golden Age of Pericles, the zenith of Greece's artistic as well as cultural achievement. The museum is cleverly designed in such a manner, so to unveil levels of history, while it offers magnificent views of the Acropolis on top of the hill. The surprisingly good quantity and value-for-money restaurant has superb views and for the shopaholics there is a well-equipped museum shop.

Designed by US-based swiss architect Bernard Tschumi in collaboration with Greek architect Michael Photiadis, the 130-million euros museum includes items formerly held in other museums, as well as pieces finally returned from foreign museums. The museum is impressive thus in its architecture, its design, as well as its presentation of exhibits. The building in itself is very modern, combining cement with huge glass surfaces!

Once the visitors get inside there is a surprise, as they will suddenly find themselves walking on a glass floor over the ruins of the ancient city! It is formed in such a realistic way that it gives the impression that ancient Athenians are ready to gather there to discuss issues about the municipality, the democracy and for the state-capital in general! On high season long queues for tickets are formed outside and inside the museum. If one intents to visit the museum it is preferable to book tickets online to avoid the queues.

On the ground floor many archaeological finds are exhibited, mainly pottery and small things from the Athenians' daily life. Here, the visitor can also watch a video from the transport of the exhibits from the old to the new museum. Meanwhile, you still walk, occasionally over a glass floor, which is an element found on every floor, giving you the opportunity for visual contact with the bottom floors!

Exhibits on the 1st floor relate to the archaic era (findings of the 2nd the 3rd B.C.). You can marvel the beauty and the details of the sections of the Erechtheio, as well as the Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylea. Caryatids stand by motionless and proud, for over 2500 years reminding us all of the apotheosis (5th B.C.) and the greatness of the ancient Greek civilization.

On the 2nd floor of the Acropolis Museum, the glass walls give visitors the opportunity to see the modern city of Athens! After the journey back in time, enjoy a good rest at the Acropolis Museum restaurant-café, with a good service and reasonable prices. Choose from a variety of sandwiches, coffee, and modern-cuisine deserts. It will approximately take the visitor at least 3 hours of exploration but it is definitely worth a visit.

Yes, Athens is mostly famous for its ancient history and the awe-inspiring monuments. However, one may had enough education for one day, and wants to spent the remaining half in order to relax. Thankfully Athens is not all about the historical center, but for its beautiful seaside places that are a breath away.

So if one wants to experience a little bit of… "water" and stroll around a small, both traditional and modern, port then just take a ride on the line T4 of Athens tram that starts from the top of Syntagma Square (you can get there by metro Line 2). After 30-40 minutes the tram arrives to our destination at the southern suburbs of Athens; the beautiful and popular to many Athenians for a quick escape, bay of Flisvos.

Truly, Flisvos is one of the favorite places of Athenians', especially for those who have children since its structure, the wide pier is idyllic for strolling and stopping for ice cream, coffee, etc., and is quite close to the pedestrian and green area filled with outdoor playgrounds. It’s not all that fuzzy though, and close by there is a quiet café with the most beautiful view of the bay. It is the solitary cafe / tavern located in the "top" of the Marina, next to the parking area and is known as the Nautical Club (beware: you will not find any relevant sign).

The recently renovated cafe is located at a lower level than the rest cafes-restaurants of the bay, practically next to the side yachts, and is more peaceful because there are not many people parading, as it happens in front of the yachts, where hundreds want to stroll. Sit on the white chairs which remind us of the Greek islands' taverns and enjoy iced coffee and maybe a snack, or if you want a full meal the kitchen is famous for its fried calamari and anchovies to accompany your ouzo.

Downwards, the busy bay is still one the most beautiful excursions in the Attica region. The modern port facilities are of high standards and excellent quality services, that care for the visitor’s safety and respect the environment. The Flisvos bay is an ideal place for hosting boats and luxury yachts.

Other facilities of the marina, include recreational areas, restaurants and shops, that will satisfy even the most demanding visitors. Perfect for relaxing, drinking, tasting great cuisine, walking or cycling, the Flisvos bay offers unique views of the calm waters of Faliro port and luxurious vessels, bringing to mind similar images from Monaco (many Athenians call it the Greek Monaco!)

Walk around the breathtaking yachts while shopping, and dream much like everyone else there of acquiring a yacht of your own. There is also a very nice open air cinema located in the Flisvos Park, ideal for watching a movie during the summer, or continue your way towards the many bars and restaurants.

Drinks are perfect at Cruiser Bar. However, the most impressive views and ideal for drinking cocktails are offered from Ploto. If you are not there for a drink but for food (besides the quite Nautical Club)  there are countless good options to consider! Notable restaurants are Brasserie Sud, Mare Marina and Pier One. Breeze is ideal for pizza and spaghetti, while Friday's offer a perfect all-American experience, with delicious burgers, chicken wings and huge Sundaes and Margaritas!

Flisvos thus is perfect for a quick visit due to its immense variety, its astonishing beauty and the countless shops, restaurants and cafés that will keep you distracted so you have to pay attention to your watch for the departure time!

Right next to the bay you will find the historical Greek battleship Georgios Averof, which is also worthy of a visit. It is a famous boat-historical symbol of the Greek Navy, a Pisa-class armored cruiser built in Italy for the Royal Hellenic Navy in the first decade of the 20th century. The ship served as the Greek flagship during the 1900-1950s.

This armored cruiser, is the only ship of this type still in existence. In 1984 the Navy decided to convert it into a museum, and in the same year it was finally pulled to Paleo Faliro, where it is now anchored and functions as a floating museum. Free-guided tours are provided on holidays. It is docked at Trocadero quay, next to Flisvos and the Resteion swimming pool and park.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is also located here. In the evening you can visit one of the numerous events of the Greek National Opera.

Enjoy your visit to either destination and plan to return for a longer stay in our magical city!


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