At the boundaries of the municipality of Markopoulou is Vravrona, a fertile area and blessed since antiquity that houses a remarkable ancient sanctuary, the temple of Brauron Artemis. She, being a protector of the fertility and prosperity of women, was worshiped in a temple whose remains are still standing today in a valley, between hills leading to the beautiful beach of Chamolia.

This wider expanse was one of the 12 original cities of ancient ​​Attica, a place endowed with nature and one of the most important spiritual centers of Greece since antiquity. Now, with a population well below 1,000, it still hosts important historical and archaeological sites, unique Byzantine monuments, vineyards, olive trees, mild ridges, and the ubiquitous coastline of the blue Evoikos. In the summer, if you can not stand the high temperatures, the sea is in front of you for a quick and relieving dive.  Combined with its short distance from Athens, Vravrona offers a very attractive idea for day trips to those who want, for a while, to escape the tension and rhythms of the city.

When driving, make sure you follow the signs that lead you to Markopoulo and Porto Rafti, then turn left when you see the sign marked Vravrona. A few kilometers before you reach the sea, you will see the archaeological site and the archaeological museum on your left.


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