37 medals achieved by Greece, making history at European Indoor Track & Field Championships - national team returns today

With a tally of 3 medals (11th place in the final medal table) over the weekend, the Greek delegation completed its obligations at the 38th European Indoor Track & Field Championships, hosted in Istanbul.
With a tally of 3 medals (11th place in the final medal table) over the weekend, the Greek delegation completed its obligations at the 38th European Indoor Track & Field Championships, hosted in Istanbul.

Miltos Tentoglou gave Greece the gold medal, making history in European classical sports, as he became the first long jumper to win the gold medal at the European Indoor Championships 3 times in a row.

His joy tempered by the rail tragedy in Tempi, champion Greek long jumper Miltos Tentoglou appeared before the state broadcaster ERT with mixed feelings after winning a gold medal at the European Indoor Athletics Championship in Istanbul on Sunday.

"What happened was tragic. I am ashamed to speak. What Nyfantopoulos said was the best: that we may be competing here but no one can ease the pain of these people. I do not know where I should dedicate this victory," he said.

He thanked the Greek supporters for the wonderful atmosphere they created in the stadium for all athletes on the Greek team, including himself.

Asked to comment on the fact that he was the first European long jumper to win three gold medals in successive meets, the Greek Olympic medallist said: "It is important for me and I am glad I achieved this. I was not that good, it was an early start. I tried my best and had a good jump but it was invalid. I normally do the biggest jump first and if this had been an evening event I would certainly have jumped 8.5 metres. I am not unbeatable, in European games, I'm OK but today I could have lost because I was not my best self. That's how games are, the favourites lose and the outsiders can do something good."

Regarding his next goals, Tentoglou said his sights were set on a Greek record and a gold medal at the world championships in Budapest.

Nikos Andrikopoulos won the first silver medal ever with a jump of 16.58m. in the triple jump, which gave him second place on the winners' podium, while Emmanuel Karalis won his first medal at Men's level with a jump of 5.80m. The jumper of Haris Karalis climbed to the second step of the podium, giving Greece its third and last medal in the event.

In total, our country has won 37 medals in the history of the event, of which 8 gold, 17 silver and 12 bronze, in a total of 15 events, where an athlete managed to be present on the winners' podium.

The National Team returns to Greece on Monday morning (6/3) at 12.00 on an AEGEAN flight.

1. Katerina Thanou 1996 (Stockholm) 60m. 7.15
2. Angelos Pavlakakis 1998 (Valentia) 60m. 6.55
3. Katerina Thanou 2000 (Ghent) 60m. 7.05
4. Niki Xanthou 2002 (Vienna) length 6.74m.
5. Katerina Stefanidis 2017 (Belgrade) pole vault 4.85m.
6. Miltos Tendoglou 2019 (Glasgow) length 8.38m.
7. Miltos Tendoglou 2021 (Torun) length 8.35m.
8. Miltos Tentoglou 2023 (Istanbul) length 8.30m.

  1. Spilios Zacharopoulos 1972 (Grenoble) 1,500m. 3:46.08
  2. Vassilis Papaageorgopoulos 1976 (Munich) 60m. 6.67
  3. Alexandros Terzian 1994 (Paris) 60m. 6.51
  4. Kostas Koukodimos 1994 (Paris) length 8.09m.
  5. Alexis Alexopoulos 1996 (Stockholm) 200m. 21.05
  6. Niki Bakoyannis 1996 (Stockholm) height 1.96m.
  7. George Theodoridis 2000 (Ghent) 60m. 6.51
  8. Georgia Kokloni 2005 (Madrid) 60m 7.18
  9. Stella Pilatus 2005 (Madrid) length 6.64m.
10. Louis Chatoumas 2007 (Birmingham) length 8.02m.
11. Katerina Stefanidis 2015 (Prague) pole vault 4.75m.
12. Antonis Mastoras 2015 (Prague) height 2.31m.
13. Kostas Filippidis 2017 (Belgrade) pole vault 5.85m.
14. Voula Papachristou 2019 (Glasgow) triple jump 14.50m.
15. Kostas Baniotis 2019 (Glasgow) height 2.26m.
16. Emmanuel Karalis 2023 (Istanbul) pole vault 5.80m.
17. Nikos Andrikopoulos 2023 (Istanbul) triple jump 16.58m.

  1. Vassilis Papageorgopoulos 1972 (Grenoble) 50m. 5.82
  2. Vassilis Papadimitriou 1973 (Rotterdam) height 2.17m.
  3. George Panagiotopoulos 1994 (Paris) 200m. 20.99
  4. Spyros Vasdekis 1996 (Stockholm) length 8.03m.
  5. Olga Vasdeki 1996 (Stockholm) triple jump 14.30m.
  6. Panagiotis Papoulias 1996 (Stockholm) 3,000m. 7:50.80
  7. Katerina Koffa 1998 (Valentia) 200m. 22.86
  8. Angelos Pavlakakis 2000 (Ghent) 60m. 6.54
  9. Georgia Kokloni 2002 (Vienna) 60m. 7.22
10. Maria Karastamati 2005 (Madrid) 60m. 7.25
11. Voula Papachristou 2017 (Belgrade) triple jump 14.24m.
12. Nicole Kyriakopoulou 2019 (Glasgow) pole vault 4.65m.