Para-Swimming World Championships: 2 medals & spot at Para-Olympics

2 medals, one gold and one bronze, is the tally of the premiere for the Greek delegation at the 11th Para-Swimming World Championships, held in Manchester.
2 medals, one gold and one bronze, is the tally of the premiere for the Greek delegation at the 11th Para-Swimming World Championships, held in Manchester.

Antonis Tsapatakis won the gold medal in the 100m. breaststroke SB4, which was the second in a row in the event, and Giannis Kostakis the bronze in the 50m. front SB2.
The gold of Tsapatakis
The second, in time, medal of the premiere, for the Greek colors, was the color of gold and came from Antonis Tsapatakis, in the final of the 100m. front SB4, who repeated last year's success in Madeira.
The Greek Paralympian finished in 1:39.53 and although he came second in the first 50m, he managed to win the first gold medal with a strong finish, for the Greek team that already has two medals - and a bronze with Yiannis Kostakis in the 50m. front SB2, which he conquered a little earlier.
Tsapatakis had qualified from the morning qualifiers with the best time of 1:36.51 and just a little while ago he climbed to the highest step of the podium.
The silver medal was won by the Ukrainian Drapkin with 1:40.83 and the bronze by Nicolas Rivero, from Argentina, who finished in 1:46.08.

The bronze of Kostakis
Yiannis Kostakis was the one who opened an account for the Greek medals, at the 11th Para Swimming World Championships.
The Greek Paralympic champion swam in the afternoon final of the 50m. front SB2 in 1:07.43 and finished in 3rd place.
Yannis Kostakis qualified in the morning preliminaries of the competition with the 3rd time of 1:06.68 and in the afternoon he turned it into a medal.
The gold was won by the Mexican Arnulfo Castorena with 57.76 and the silver by the Italian Emmanuele Marigliano with 1:07.06. Bronze and Cyprus
Bronze medal also for Cyprus in the 50m. S11 women's freestyle with Karolina Pelendritou, who in the final finished 3rd in 30.28 and climbed onto the podium.

Guo the face of the premiere
China's Guo is undoubtedly the face of the premiere, world championship as he achieved two world records in the 50m. free S5. After the morning qualifiers and 30.09, (Italian Fandin's old 30.16 from 1 June 2019) he improved his own world record in the final with 29.28.
Third world record of the premiere by Ukrainian Andrey Trusov, in the 200m final. mixed individual SM7 with 2:28.19. Former Israeli Mark Melyar with 2:29.01 (27/8/2021, in Tokyo).

Flag bearer Michalentzakis
Paralympic and world champion Demosthenes Michalentzakis was the flag bearer of the Greek delegation in the modest opening ceremony parade that took place before the afternoon finals.

Today, Sfaltos also enters the "battle"
Second day of the games August 1st and Giorgos Sfaltos enters the "battle" of the world championship in the 100m qualifiers. free S6. He swims in the 2nd qualifying round (11:36, Greek time) in the 7th lane.
A little earlier (11:26) Yannis Kostakis will "fall" in his second 150m race. mixed individual, in the 2nd qualifying series, in the 4th corridor.