Air traffic nearing 2019 levels

Passenger traffic in the Athens International Airport reached 2019 levels in June. More specifically, domestic passenger traffic eased 0.6% while international passenger traffic was down 9.6% compared with June 2019.

Passenger traffic totaled 2.43 million in the Athens airport, down 6.8% from June 2019, while in the first six months of the year, passenger traffic reached 9.0 million, down 20.3% from 2019. Domestic passenger traffic was down 13.2%, while international traffic was down 23.5% compared with 2019 levels. The number of scheduled flights reached 91,368 in the first half of 2022, down 9.5% from 2019 (domestic flights eased 0.9% and international flights fell 15.8%). However, in June, domestic flights rose 3.3% and international flights fell 8.5% compared with June 2019.