Messages from 112 in many areas of the country - Recommendation to restrict movement

Warning messages from 112 are expected to be sent to the residents of many regions of the country due to the bad weather that is in progress, as the press representative of the Fire Department, chief Ioannis Artopioos, pointed out. At the same time, Mr. Artophios addressed a strong recommendation to the citizens to limit their movements to those absolutely necessary during the occurrence of severe weather phenomena.

Specifically, so far a warning message has been sent by 112 to the residents of the regions of Kefalonia, Ithaca, Lefkada, Zakynthos, Aitoloakarnania, Achaia and Ilia, while, as Mr. Artophios said, it is expected to be issued as well second warning message from 112 to the residents of Corinthia, Argolis, Laconia, Messinia, Eastern Arcadia, Karditsa and Trikala. Later, a third warning message will follow from 112 to the regions of western Macedonia where heavy snowfall is expected. In Attica, as Mr. Artophios said, heavy rains and storms are expected tomorrow afternoon. "We recommend limiting movements to those that are absolutely necessary. Depending on the evolution of the phenomena and the information from the EMY, other messages will be sent from 112 if deemed necessary", he noted. At the same time, a new broad coordination meeting will be held tomorrow to re-evaluate the course of the bad weather. In addition, all Civil Protection forces have been put on maximum alert, while the Fire Services of the areas where the phenomena are expected to occur are in a state of increased readiness.

"All Civil Protection forces have been put on maximum alertness and alertness to deal with any emergency. The fire services of the areas where the phenomena are expected to occur have been placed in a state of increased readiness and further escalation if required in order to immediately deal with any problems. We issue a strong recommendation to citizens to be particularly careful and to faithfully follow basic self-protection instructions," said Mr. Artophios and added: "Limit your movements to those absolutely necessary during severe weather events. Always remember to move to the highest parts of the house in case of flooding. Do not for any reason cross torrents, streams or roads that have been flooded on foot or by vehicle." Regarding the development of the bad weather, Mr. Artopioos said that it has been ongoing since last Thursday, January 19, affecting our country with successive waves. Stronger phenomena were manifested, as he pointed out, in P.E Pella on Monday, January 23, where the Operations Center of the P.S received 115 calls for water pumping in the wider area of Aridaia, while actions were taken in 36 cases. Yesterday, Tuesday, January 24th, an Emergency Bulletin of Dangerous Weather Phenomena was issued by the EMY which was updated today and as Mr. Artophios mentioned, heavy rains and storms accompanied by strong winds and snowfall are expected from this afternoon until Friday. "The phenomena will initially manifest in the west, central and south and will gradually expand towards the north-east of the country. For this reason, today at noon, a broad coordination meeting was held with the participation of the political leadership of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, the physical leadership of the PS of all co-competent agencies, but also with a scientific team of meteorologists and hydrologists", he underlined. It is noted that the EMY will update the emergency bulletin of dangerous weather phenomena every 12 hours and it will be published on its official website, while there will be a newer update for any development. For more information and self-protection instructions from severe weather, citizens can visit the website ( of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection.

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